Domestic & Residential Sprinkler Systems

A residential sprinkler installation is for HMO’s care homes and similar applications where several or many residents occupy one building with common or shared facilities.

A domestic sprinkler installation is for single family occupancy dwellings, single apartments within a building, shared dwellings with 3 or less occupants such as student lets.

These systems can be used in simple loft conversions where an escape route isolated from habitable rooms is not possible or an open plan layout is preferred in single dwellings of three or more stories where open plan spaces are required, in dwellings where access is limited by distance or width of passage or in unusual dwellings which present difficulties with building regulation conformance.

Only a sprinkler in the room on fire will activate. Sprinklers issue less than 5% of the water the fire brigade would need to put out a fire. Failure rate is 1 in 16 million. The sprinklers we would use are an attractive white flat version. They can be provided in different colours if required to clients decorative requirements.

We would generally use CPVC pipework which is lightweight and semi rigid. Jointing is made by a special chemical welding process which requires no added heat.