Water Mist Systems

Typically used where water damage from a standard sprinkler system may be a concern, or where water supplies are limited, water mist systems enable droplet size to be controlled and by creating a mist, an equal volume of water will create a larger total surface area exposed to the fire. The larger total surface area better facilitates the transfer of heat, thus allowing more water droplets to turn to steam more quickly. Steam, which absorbs more heat than water per unit time, will then more effectively cool the room, thus reducing the temperature of the flame.

Water mist systems can operate with the same functionality as deluge, wet pipe, dry pipe, or pre-action systems. The difference is that a water mist system uses a compressed gas as an atomizing medium, which is pumped through the stainless steel distribution pipework and onto the risk via a fine misting nozzle.


  • Ecological – no environmental harm
  • Minimal water damage
  • Electrically non conductive (uses demineralised water)
  • Rapid temperature reduction
  • Economical – minimum cost of extinguishing agents
  • Thermal radiation attenuation
  • Removal of a proportion of airborne smoke particulates
  • Absorption of water-soluble toxic and irritant gases.

Ideal for:

  • Oil and Gas Industry – Process plants, production facilities, gas turbines and other rotating machinery
  • Power Generation – Turbines, generator sets, fuel handling units, boilers
  • Manufacturing and Industrial – Process pumps and mixers, spray booths, welding areas, bulk conveyors, liquid hydrocarbon, flammable liquids and other flammable chemical stores
  • Offshore – Numerous fire protection applications