Meet the team

At Circum Fire Engineering, our business is our people. Our subject matter experts have been successfully trained, coached and mentored into their positions today. Everyone that joins has the same opportunities to develop and learn not just their trade but also how to become better managers. Central to our people and our success is our culture. We have developed and continue to live and be measured by our EA-12s our 12 social values.

Our Academy ensures first and foremost every member of our team are fully committed to continual personal development and has access to the latest education available to us.

Senior Leadership Team

Alan Wheal
Alan Wheal Group CEO
Mark Wheeler
Mark Wheeler Group COO
Derek Ferguson
Derek Ferguson Non exec CFO
Phil Silverlock
Phil Silverlock Technical Director
Jason Clitheroe
Jason Clitheroe Director Of Operations
David Watson
David Watson Business Development Director
Paul Salisbury
Paul Salisbury Operations Director

Management Team

Terry Doyle
Terry Doyle Design Manager
Jamie Silverlock
Jamie Silverlock Service manager
Hayley Carney
Hayley Carney Accounts
Karen Reynolds
Karen Reynolds